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  1. BW

    This has a lot of dramatic movement:


    • I can’t even rave hard enough about the Kara Gillian seires – it is SO good!!! I found the first Spellcrackers book to be very confusing, so I didn’t read the second. Alex Craft, however, is also excellent.

    • Joe

      Hiya, I’m really glad I have found this info. Nowadays bggeolrs publish only about gossips and internet and this is really annoying. A good blog with interesting content, this is what I need. Thanks for keeping this website, I will be visiting it. Do you do newsletters? Can’t find it.

    • I saw this bride a few weeks ago and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the boldness of her jerlewy! You don’t see many brides with big jerlewy on their wedding day, but it’s becoming more and more popular. This couple looks awesome! Photos by the talented Aaron Shintaku.

  2. Rhiann

    I have found some sites, which I find very troublesome as these is a lot of movement in them so for me sets of the attacks of vertigo in which the room begins to move and also brings on for me visual disturbances such as blurred and double vision so cannot see very well


    Also find simileys and emoticons like on this site troublesome because of the movement and makes me feel nauseous:

    Also find the examples on http://www.captcha.net very troublesome as find websites in which you have to type in a code before being able to post problesome as it makes my eyes go funny looking at the words or numbers, etc which thn makes me dizzy and has my room spinning around me!

    • abledis

      Your comments are appreciated! This information is priceless.

      Much love,

      • There are two specialty oceiffs I would like to work in. My interest are in the nervous system and the endocrine system.In the 12 years I have been with my boyfriend, he has lost two sisters and a brother to different forms of lupus. He also lost his mother to the disease before 20 years before I met him. I feel working with an endocrinologist or neurologist I will be able to learn more on how these system works.The proctologist office would be at the bottom of the list. After experiencing a lower GI to rule out problems in my stomach. I refuse to go through that again.

      • Heckuva good job. I sure apiatcpree it.

  3. Rhiann


    A Uk sites whoch I’ve found which I also am unable use – the bright colours sets me off straight away and then the movement at the top of the screen and all of the animation makes me feel dizzy and brings on visual disturbances

    • *rolls eyes* I was just about done with this stupidity, but I’ll just say one last thing broefe ignoring this whole page of useless noise and wimps who think they’re the only ones in the world who have to deal with their problems: It’s not just “I’m just telling it like it is” and “it’s not my fault if you choose to be offended”, it’s also, get over yourselves and do better with your lot instead of complaining uselessly on the internet . And you’re right, the solution to every problem in this world could come down to more discipline, not beatings, but sheer willpower, of the individual, if only more than only half the people in this world could actually toughen up and not place blame on people who not only have nothing to do with their bad luck, but are just trying to help. Yeah, it’s easy to say someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about and completely ignore everything they say, but it takes real discipline to look at yourself critically, face the fact that you might be wrong on some things, and try to do better afterward. On my half, I was wrong to say anything at all here, not because what I’ve said doesn’t have merit, but it’s clear that the people here just want to vent and feel sorry for themselves. I haven’t said the R’ word yet but I’m going to relay on you what my father told me when I told him about this thread, You probably shouldn’t have said anything, but if I had cried every time somebody called me a retard or beat me up because I was the weirdo who couldn’t talk right, I never would have gotten anywhere in life, and if I had pushed away my friends and family every time they said something stupid and thoughtless, I’d be a very lonely man too. And it don’t matter that you got intelligence Kim, if I hadn’t disciplined you, you’d be as good as a retard. Now I know people are going to use that to make jokes at my expense. Go ahead, as I said, I’m done with this thread. Your lives are your own to either take control of or let slip away from you, and despite that I’m sure you think I’ve said all this just to insult you, I honestly wish you all do better with your lives. Peace out~

    • Oh I was sure even as I was writing my eaerlir comment that people who are overly sensitive would take issue with it but that doesn’t mean I don’t have completely valid points. I’m sure the child being disciplined feels its parents are being rude to them! But frankly maybe if people were a little more self conscious about how uncivilized both they and their children look, maybe they might actually do something about it. But since the topic is about special needs children, I’ll tell you, I was friends in school with people with both physical and mental shortcomings. One girl I knew was both physically and mentally handicapped, and I’m very sorry to say that her parents were very short tempered with her and sometimes even abusive. Now I would never want any child to be treated the way my friend was, but you know what? I didn’t even know she was mentally handicapped until she told me, and she also on one occasion told me that she was glad her parents raised her the way they did. I disagree, but obviously she could tell that her parents did what they did because they wanted her to better herself. They went about it completely the wrong way, but its better than a parent who just covers their eyes and ears and goes lalala , and that includes parents who just want to see the help their friends and family try to offer them as offensive . Do your own dishes and scrub your own floors, the most helpful thing people have tried doing and saying to you is on your do not say list.

    • Mighty useful. Make no mistake, I apitcepare it.

  4. Theresa

    Marissa, you are doing a wonderful thing here. I tend to avoid most sites with movement. Lately I’ve just been limiting my computer time and when I do use it, it’s for research purposes. Sometimes I find the smaller type is tough to take or, if I’m looking at the screen too much, the words start to lift off the page (very strange). That’s when I know that I must absolutely take a break!!! The one thing that bothers me no matter what I am doing on the computer, is scrolling. The words moving so quickly always set me off.

    • abledis


      Thank you for sharing this information. I notice that I rarely watch television because of the bothersome motion and movement. I would hate to see the web move that direction.

      Much love,

    • that he would need to take some x-rays. The x-ray room was fascinating to me. The room was dim and the x-ray eqpinmeut really had me curious. Right then, I thought this is what I wanted to do when I grow up. So here I am now pursuing the career that intrigued me in my youth.The physician that I would not want to work for would be a surgeon. It seems to me that this would be a more intense and serious workplace. I’m not saying that being a Radiologist isn’t a serious job, but a Surgeon has a more complicated position depending on the situation. The people that you would have to deal with, I would imagine would not always be in good spirits especially if the surgery is high risk or life threatening. It would be hard for me to see and interact with patients day to day and then to know that they did not make it through a surgery or the outcome did not turn out the way they had hoped. This would weigh heavy on my mind and.


    There are so many! I had to stop my work of 30 years (editing and writing) because of life-long disequilibrium and vertigo that my brain could no longer compensate for as i got older. Don’t get me started. I know this is off-topic but can you recommend a support group in Los Angeles, or online? I’m going nuts. Glad to find you! And what a great project!!

    • abledis

      Joan: Thank you for sharing your story. Please check out the VEDA page for a list of support groups face-to-face and online. http://www.vestibular.org/support-groups.php Also my personal blog is over at Abledis.com Don’t hesitate to contact me.

      Much love,

      • The specialist I would most like to work with is an Obstetrician. I have two cleidrhn of my own and learned quickly that each birthing experience is unique and very different. I think it would be amazing to go to work every day, and never know what will happen. I also love babies! After I had my youngest child the doctor advised me not to have any more cleidrhn so I feel like getting to go to work every day and see babies being born would be magical, but I would also get to go home and sleep peacefully! I am not sure how else to explain my wanting to work with an Obstetrician, but to say I have always thought it would be fascinating. Another specialist I would like to work with is Psychiatrist. I have a family history of mental illness and also addiction and have found all of my psychology classes intriguing. I am captivated by what goes into making each person who they are, and listening to every person’s story. I want to help people that are having struggles with their everyday lives find some kind of peace and happiness.I know we are supposed to pick one or two specialties we wouldn’t want to focus on, but I do not want to work under any surgical specialty. Blood does not make me squeamish but cutting into the body does not intrigue me. Cutting into another person’s skin is not on my list of top jobs I would like to do. I have great respect for neurosurgeons and cardiovascular surgeons, but it not something I want to help with.

      • You made some great points in stisegugng a medical assistant start working for a family practitioner. I had never thought about it the way you put it, but I think it would be a great opportunity to see the many reasons why patients come in, and maybe later on decide which specialist you’d like to work along side. I share your same feelings with respect to working with a Proctologist, I think I would also have to have added incentive to make it work for me.

    • Oh my, shepard’s pie is one of our faivrotes! Combine that with one of my favorite things–curry–and I think we may have a super winner in my house! Happy Curry Tummy!

    • I got married in the sprnig. We were on a very tight budget so I decided to get married at the end of April after Valentine’s Day, but before Mother’s Day so that our flowers wouldn’t be as expensive. We also live in the desert of far west Texas so our summers are very hot, I didn’t want to be in my big dress in the middle of a heat wave! Our wedding day turned out PERFECT! Great weather, sunshine and all UNDER budget

    • I know I am rlelay rlelay late to the dance but I just had to speak up.This list is obviously for those who DO CARE about those of us who are parenting children with needs that are not typical. This list was not for Kim who obviously wants to be whoever she is whenever she wants to be. There rlelay are families with typical children or without children at all that want to be supportive. As you stated, not every one fit every person but it is nice to know what fits some folks.As far as being sensitive, I see it as a constant state of healing. Many of the things we go through cause wounds. They may not be open but they may be somewhat sensitive so just as I might ask you as a courtesy to be careful of my broken toe, I enjoy having the freedom to express other spots that may be prone to injury or easily injured. This is our way of wearing a cast to protect a part of us that is sensitive . In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with that.

    • San

      Yeah I get it already, She’s fttiasanc. and she certainly is but could you please post some of the races she’s won or her trophy (& medal) collection. Can you show her some respect for all the training she’s been doing instead of just ooogeling at her? thanks Man, DarrylHarrisburg, PA

    • Huzzah and congratulations on the esetceivenffs of your Plan to Populate Seattle With Small, Attractive People! I’d totally sign up to bring you all the traditional casserole after Munchkin #3 makes his or her appearance but I don’t think I could keep it warm all the way from Toronto.

    • There are no words to express how greftaul I am for this blog except xie xie! We knew you had arrived safely of course, but after seeing this I feel that I can completely exhale. Welcome to China, Ambassadors!

    • I became hnoerod to receive a call from my friend immediately he uncovered the important suggestions shared on your own site. Studying your blog article is a real brilliant experience. Thank you for thinking of readers like me, and I wish you the best of achievements for a professional in this area.

  6. Kellie

    I live in Alberta Canada, but have found many sites bother me.

    Big ones like Yahoo’s home page (www.yahoo.com) where their Top Stories “flip” through, one after the other.

    Amazon.com is another one I can’t go to anymore. All the animations and moving screens, flashing sale signs – yikes!!

    Hope this helps!!

  7. Becky W.

    I love that someone else has noticed this problem. i agree that a lot of sites have this issue but the biggest one in my opinion is facebook. When they made their most recent update they included something similar to the first website you showed with the quick scroll from the top to the bottom. So many people utilize this site it seems such a shame that they feel the need to add the splashy special effects that ruin it for so many of us.

    • abledis

      Becky, glad you said it! That new transition in Facebook is yucky. Thank you for sharing your experience.

      Much love,

      • too bad the people in flkcir don’t care about flkcir. It was great in the mid 2000s before yahoo bought it and stopped it from keeping up with the times. Main probably I have is that the UI is terrible for browsing. Also, I hate that to follow a profile, you have to add to contacts. Just change the wording, and I’ll follow more people! Words are powerful, don’t underestimate them.

      • I failed to mionetn something here. Carrie’s comment reminded me. I was recently pregnant and absolutely thrilled to be having another baby. My pregnancy was planned and very much wanted. When I told friends (who were familiar with my son’s condition) of my pregnancy, their responses were all met with a long pause of uncomfortable silence before they sputtered out: Is this a good thing? , Congratulations, I guess , Oh my God, how are you going to do it? , Wow, was this planed? and You are one brave woman! My excitement in revealing my pregnancy was quickly hampered by my friends’ reluctance to congratulate me. Unfortunately, I miscarried my baby girl at 16 weeks for an unknown reason. I had to face the same people who had initially questioned whether my pregnancy was a good thing or not. They were sympathetic, but very consistent with the it was for the best responses. It deeply hurt to lose my baby. I really needed people to just say, I’m sorry for your loss and leave it at that. I wasn’t looking for the bright side of my miscarriage, which they seemed to offer me with their condolences marked with relief. I’m certain that if I am ever fortunate enough to be blessed with another pregnancy, I will keep my news to myself until I’m physically unable to keep it private. It saddens me that something so joyous in my life was questioned by my friends. Not only were they unsure about me having another baby, their comments told me that they don’t think that my son would be worth having again. This was my impression at least. I want to be able to feel confident about sharing news of pregnancy and, as I said, if I’m so fortunate to become pregnant again, I will feel more like a teen breaking the grim news to her disapproving parents why I tell my friends.

  8. Steven BRewer

    I use noscript and flashblock which helps some, but it’s a growing problem.

    This site has a dominant moving element and turning off javascript makes the site almost unusable.

    • – I have had Square for over a a year now, but have yet to use it because I keep heainrg about random issues with it like the holding your money thing, that doesn’t sound like too much fun. But, I might pull it back out again and use it for session fees at least

    • , no one’s in a position to judge aynone else and if she feels that’s right for her life, then I hope she can make it work and still be happy.It’s an issue close to my heart as I’ve recently set up a business to help women on maternity leave with those big career decisions. In fact, on my to do list yesterday was to write a blog post about Marissa Mayer! Maybe I’ll get it done today

  9. Steven BREWER

    For Facebook you can use F.B.Purity http://fbpurity.com/ to block the “ticker”. Install it, view facebook, click the “f.b.purity” link near the top of the page and check “hide ticker”.

    • abledis

      Fantastic! Hiding the ticker makes such a huge difference. Thank you for sharing this info!

      Much love,

      • Wow so people are so fareking rude!! Glad I have these great responses to use when the time comes If a relative stranger tries to rub my stomach I won’t be so nice- they’re getting a right jab

      • As far as i know from my 3 pregnancies, it is nmaorl. But mention it at your next appointment, your Dr will be checking things like blood pressure and protiens for risk of pre-eclampsia, and you will also be checked for gestational diabetes as part of your pregnancy checkups and care. So dont be scared by suggestions that there is sometning wrong, just keep up with regular appointments and check ups where all this is checked. But definately put your feet up and get massaages as much as possible to encourage circulation, especially in this heat and drink plenty of water too!

      • I love your images! I’m so glad you have joiend our group! Your self portrait is beautiful. And I’m thankful to have found someone else who likes to write words and thoughts along with sharing images. Your words about your brother in law are so touching.

    • Grandma Swope – Oh my Gosh! What wonderful shots you do Jill . Of cousre, I’m pretty sure the models are perfect also. You certainly captured their love for each other. I’m soooooo happy for them and certainly wish you ALL the luck in your profession. Your work is extrodinary.. Come visit me again soon. Momma Swope

    • Good – I should deiilfteny pronounce, impressed with your site. I had no trouble navigating through all tabs and related info ended up being truly easy to do to access. I recently found what I hoped for before you know it in the least. Reasonably unusual. Is likely to appreciate it for those who add forums or anything, web site theme . a tones way for your customer to communicate. Nice task.

    • Young people reiitsalc? A little ditty from the cutting room floor that didn’t make it to the movie version of The Sound of Music, You dear attractive, dewey-eyed idealist; today you have to learn to be a realist To their credit, young people are full of enthusiasm and ideals; those that have an interest in politics. Granted, there are more young people interested today than 10 years ago, but this country needs everyone to critically think for themselves, a hard thing to do for a lot o young people who are easily swayed by what everyone else in their college things.Then there are other young people who don’t know, couldn’t care less that we as a society need to reach out to, because not knowing the name of the President of the United States or basic facts about the Constitution shouldn’t be something to brag about.

    • I’m glad you like it! I used Pebeo Porcelaine China Paint (you can get it on amazon.com or craft stroes). It’s super easy to use. You paint it on and then you bake the plate in your oven and it’s ready to use! Hope you have fun and make lots of projects. I need to think of some more stuff to make .

  10. Marissa

    I love looking up synonyms and antonyms of words. However, it is becoming more and more difficult to focus on the words with all of this ad placement movement.


  11. Lisa

    I recently had to switch my email from msn (hotmail) to gmail because Hotmail put ads on the side where all your emails are listed and the ads scroll and are animated. In order to get rid of them I would have to pay $20/month (us dollar) so I switched companies.

    • Marissa

      Fantastic comment! Having to leave a service because of animated and scrolling ads is crucial information. Thank you for sharing this!

      Much love,

      • It is feasible to lose weihgt fast but you should be realistic and take on board that if you lose weihgt rapidly then you will probably put it all back on again just as rapidly. I lost 7 pounds during the last couple of weeks when I had a wedding to go to, and I did it by following the guidance given on the website in the box below.

    • Thank you so much for capturing these scpeial moments of my family!! We had such a wonderful time it was so relaxing! The photos are fantastic!!! Thank you Hanh and Nim!!! xx

      • am fost si eu la fertilia sa aflu mai multe drsepe acest laser si e chiar interesant ce se intampla! eu vreau foarte mult sa am un copil, medicul mi-a spus ca doar fertilizarea in vitro este soluti…

      • I started runinng in January and will be runinng my first half marathon on June 5th. I’m 45 and never thought I would be a runner. I was always a walker (like Gladys) and never thought I could be a runner. Actually, this is the first time I’m calling myself a runner because after 12 weeks of training, I can say, Yes, I am a runner . Good luck, Gladys!

      • RSE – you guys are truly a life to be envious of with all your trvleas be safe my thoughts will be with you on your 24 hours flight or whatever time it is from where you are leaving .don’t put tipanoy in the oven though she could use a tan take lots of pics which i know u will talk to u when u get back xoxoxo from da girls take care and safe journey love u all

      • Hey jka478. It raises your msobatliem as the body strives to maintain homeostasis (a constant temperature, among other things) so when the water is cold, it warms up naturally and burns calories, thus increasing metabolic rate.Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t anything that will cause extreme fat loss, it’s just something that can help. Your main focus should be on interval training, weight lifting and eating small, regular meals high in protein. Any more questions, let me know. Cheers, Jon@CFP

      • Please explain about the vieoidng of the race. I noticed 2 different cameras focused on Michelle. Why was that? Did her parents hire someone to video tape their daughter for prosperity? None of the other runners were video taped. How did the taping come to be edited and plubished to the web? I am just curious of the process.Sincerely,Mike

      • Congrats!I wonder if pelope will continue to comment on how pregnant you look, now that you actually are pregnant? So, when is the bundle of joy due? Are you going to find out the gender. Have you picked a name? (I’m trying to remember all the annoying questions I’ve been fielding for the past few months )And we need to have another Seattle Mom get-together soon! It’s been too long since I saw you guys! We need to compare pregnant bellies! Reply:March 6th, 2009 at 9:15 amThey do! I really do look pregnant now though. It’s rounding out and suddenly my little ponch is ADORABLE! I’d love to compare bellies with you!

      • Yay! It is so good to see you all safely there and haplpiy tucking in. We love to check in and see the pictures and what you are up to. We were hoping you would post your arrival and are so grateful you were able to find the time and energy to let us see everyone there.

    • Hey Sean, thanks for your cmeomnt. I too actually suffer from the same problem. My advice to you is to first try and manage your symptoms of IBS by taking steps to manage sources of stress/worry/depression, eating a balanced diet and getting at least 7hrs sleep every night. Now as for breakfast, what I do is blend up 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 3 scoops of protein powder, some honey and some frozen berries. This gives you everything your body needs to get going in the morning and is easy to consume.

  12. Jeff Sebring

    Perhaps a browser plugin could be developed that disables particular effects that are bothersome?

    • Marissa


      I am currently using adblock. It’s not a complete solution but the best I have stumbled upon.

      Much love,

      • Ali – You 3 have done it again! These pictures are brtaehtaking! You are my favorite photographers! Thank you for making the day amazing. I could stare at these pictures all day. Love, Ali

      • Aby

        On second thgohut I’ll ditch the belt. That way I can buy the tickets. Just think, with me around it will be enough to bring on the labor (after the show is over, of course) The show and a baby all in one night. Sounds fun.

  13. Stephen

    My friend has had a Vistubular Concussion for a year now, and looking at computer for even short amounts of time causes headaches and eye issues. It has come to our knowledge that a refresh rate can help, BenQ monitors support faster screen refresh rates, but non Pro-Macs seem not too, any one have experience with faster refresh rates, and has it helped? thank you

    • Hear, hear, Robert! Very well put!This sort of list is one that I’ve posted on my blog twice (once for tgnhis to say/not to say during the dx process, and once for stuff in general, as I often get he doesn’t look like he has autism / he looks normal to me which is very annoying). None of my friends were offended so I don’t think I am pushing anyone away, as Kim said. Most of the time, these comments are said with love and the people just don’t have the experiences to see why they might be hurtful. As I wrote in my post, Discussing disabilities is a something a lot of people don’t feel comfortable doing because it’s easy to say the wrong thing, or maybe you don’t even know what to say to begin with. So, let’s go ahead and acknowledge this and give each other the benefit of the doubt. If you don’t know what to say, say that: “I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say.” And if you’re a parent on the receiving end of a comment that has hurt, try to gently educate if you are bothered.

    • Oh i know Lea Michele’s is so approved for the event!!!! hmmm i ralley like Taylor’s dress but yeah its kind of old for her i might change it for Beyonce or even pink’s dress .

    • Cathie Mueting – Lailah, You told me you had the most amazing shoot and now I can see why. They are so sweet and their petnars must be so proud . Great Job. Cathie

  14. I hope the resource is used a lot as well & peploe find value in it. Since Marissa Harvey did the story on it I have been averaging 60 visits a day up from 35 the weeks before. I hope to get it out into the other media outlets in town as well.

  15. I heart you, but I’m surprised that nodoby is questioning the premise of your claim, Michael. You came across an AM radio talk show that seems to aim to hyperbolize discussions something that most women in tech’ aren’t listening to and use it as an example of us not supporting one another?Too bad you don’t see all the celebrating and discussion that IS going on. On Facebook, Twitter, in our private Google Groups, email and our own blogs, we’ve been having uber WIT parties around this amazing appointment, yelling things like, Marissa will prove once and for all that pregnancy is NOT a disability! and Thanks Marissa for showing you CAN have it all! and If anybody can turn Yahoo! around, it’s Marissa! There is support at all angles and LOTS of excitement. There are a few reasons that you may have missed it, of course. Number one, we are talking about it amongst ourselves (here is something to start a conspiracy theory: we have huge closed discussion groups where we talk amongst ourselves) so much we are failing to talk about it in public. I know I’ve been guilty of this. I don’t blog as much (or even tweet as much) anymore because I spend so much time in these discussion groups. Number two, you may not be reading the sources we are reading like Jezebel and Forbes Women.Either way, there may be women who are in tech who aren’t supportive of Marissa for whatever reason (it’s not as stereotypically simple as saying, Jealous ), but I’ve seen way more that ARE supportive. In fact, many of us are seeing this as such a huge leap forward for tech that we are pinning too much hope on this appointment. I only fear that we are putting undo pressure on her performance (something that I often feel as a frequent conference speaker and the token woman I have to perform better in order to make room for other women to follow).I think radio shows like the one you encounter are meant to be inflammatory and awful and I know that lots of people -men and women- are shocked that Yahoo! would hire a pregnant CEO, but some of that is just that this is a first and she’s paving the way. I, personally, hope she blows all stereotypes to smithereens (including the awful stereotype that women don’t support one another I’ve never experienced that to be the case). I can definitely point you towards many women in tech who have written publicly with the same sentiment.

  16. I definitely agree. The days of a reulagr 9-5 are waning, for sure. While there are benefits to working in person, there are so many collaboration tools now that it is nearly unnecessary. Unfortunately, my job is in manufacturing so I do need to actually go to work most days, but I am so productive when I work from home! I would love to telecommute, at least part-time. I see the appeal and am jealous

  17. what an incredibly cool idea! does some of the money go to AHOPE, or does it just cover the cost of the braelcet? i think i’m going to order one.by the way, did you get my recent email? totally understand if you’ve been busy, but i started thinking maybe i offended you by it somehow (don’t know why)… though i really thought you’d get a kick out of it.

  18. I started rninnug 3 1/2 years ago & celebrated my 50th by qualifying and rninnug the Boston Marathon this year. I too never believed i could run. My 1st run lasted 5 blocks and with tears. The mind is a powerful thing! Congrats on your achievement!

  19. I’m sorry, and I’m not sorry, but I find this list just a little riilcudous. Half of the things on your do not say list are legitimately rude, but the other half is simply things people say because there isn’t an easier way of saying it in laymans terms, the proof being that a lot of people are admitting they’ve said these things. Maybe you special needs parents are being too sensitive? special needs children ARE normal children, they sometimes fake or exaggerate their symptoms for attention, and sometimes they need discipline, so don’t tell people not to suggest it. Fact is, autism is 600 times more common than just 30 years ago. Im sure that’s mostly genuine cases, but I’m also sure that some of those cases are just parents baby-ing their children so much that they pull them behind. I’ve seen children without special needs who scream like banshees and their parents do nothing about it, and I’ve seen special needs children who behaved the same way and were reprimanded by their parents for it. In my humble opinion I think the special needs child who was disciplined has a better chance of growing up normal than the child without special needs who was allowed to act like a caveperson. Special needs or not, it doesn’t hurt ANY child to be disciplined.

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  21. – The colors are just biftueaul and I LOVE the shot on the bridge and the last one. They must love these! I’m doing a few shoots at that park in the coming weeks, ok if I use your bridge ; )

  22. Oh My!!!! I’m pregnant too. Due in August. I’m still sick. I take over the ceoutnr super cheap medicine if you need info let me know. Also feel free to call me WHENEVER if you have moments. We all have moments and while I feel slightly wierd writing about it in a comment you have discussed it at length with the general population so I guess I won’t be worried. But seriously call me anytime. Maybe I’ll call you today. Congratulations. Babies are fun. We can both lament on how 3 children will be compared to 2. (are you freaking out yet cause I sort of am). There was my pregnant rambling.

  23. With your first it’s normal not to show till 18-20 weeks or later. I am shniowg a little bit at 16 weeks, but I can still wear normal clothes and with some things I wear it’s not noticeable at all. I was very surprised that I started shniowg this early, especially since it is my first! Was this answer helpful?

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